How To Trim Belly Fat And Regain Shape Like Beyonce In 5 Simple Ways

Hello guys, here's a guest post from ILya, a professional fitness coach and water distributor

Belly fat… we all hate it. Infact, I dislike it with passion.  It makes life boring, and somehow tedious. If you really want to get rid of belly fat in a short time like I did, then the following tips will get you started:

  • Stay away from foods rich in fat so that the liver can detoxify and degrease

  • Take a minimum of atleast, 500mg of green tea extract ( fat belly killer)

  • Take a Probiotic 8-12 billion active cultures (inflammatory healer)

  • Increase your intake of protein foods

Don’t Skip Meals… Don’t try It
When I first started my belly fat weight loss journey few months ago, I thought skipping meals will help solve my problem but I was wrong. If you think skipping meals will help lose some fat then you’re on a ‘’LONG THING’’

Here’s what a top fitness coach said about this: 

"Don’t  Skip meals, instead, eat small portions every three to four hours to keep your metabolism running, so your body won't panic, go into starvation mode, and stop burning calories -- which is what happens when you haven't eaten in a while’’.

Don’t Stress Yourself

Do you know that stress is one of the major causes of belly fat? Stress causes the body to stockpile fat in the gut. Dr Oz explained this better in one of his weight loss shows:

"Stress deposits fat cells into the belly because it's the most convenient storage space." 

If you work a 9 to 5 day job, then you can consider chilling out with massage or Yoga.

Shut your eyes Dude (did I just say that?)

Sorry, I know that wasn’t polite—I was just kidding and pulling your ass. If you really want to get rid of that junky fat belly then you need to increase your sleeping hours.

Here’s what a famous weight loss specialist said about this.

‘’Lack of sleep increases the likelihood you'll gain weight, When you're tired, the hormones that stimulate appetite increase, while the hormones that help you feel full plummet." Aim for seven to eight hours a night’’

Be Active at All Times

To trim your tummy and remain in good shape, you need to get more physical than ever.

You need to start going on long wall. Don’t stay glued to your video game, car computer or TV. These things can help you gain more belly fat than you could ever imagine

Medical studies show that you can burn over 350 calories daily by walking around the house or just standing. Practice going on a long walk. That’d help you trim down

Eat Good Food/ When I mean good, I mean G.O.O.D.

Yes, increase your intake of protein rich foods. Eat more fruits, and vegetable. They’ll help you go a long way in your fat loss journey.


Exercise for atleast, 15—30 minutes daily. Tim Davis, the director of personal training at peak performance (a big gym in the New York City), also added that:

"Regular weight lifting can boost your metabolic rate by about 15 percent,. He recommends three 45- to 50-minute sessions a week.

Your Turn to Dazzle me!

How has your weight loss journey been like? Let me know your views or suggestions.

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